Flexible email templates.
For smarter & faster e-marketing.


Simply elegant. Great for news and announcements.


A classy newsletter ideal for all types of business.


Two tasty responsive email templates, with custom mobile layout – for clothing and fashion stores


A contemporary single column email template, with responsive mobile layout – for restaurants and cafés


Two modern email templates, with responsive mobile layout – for restaurants and cafés


A short and to-the-point e-shot, ideal for business and commercial use.


A traditional two column newsletter layout with a subtle note paper effect added for good measure.


A bold, alternative email newsletter set for marketing products, services or both


A sweet suite of email newsletters.
Great for text, pictures, and announcements

Hey, fancy paying what ever you want for an email newsletter? Try Note - You choose the price!

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Built for speed

No-one likes hacking about in code to get templates looking good. Good markup & commented code save you time.

Mail client support

The templates are standard html, and as such should work in any mail client. We test against these top ten mail clients.

For everyone

Designed for people of all skill levels - expert or novice, it's really easy to get started. A monkey could it (probably).

Design files included

Got a 'creative' streak? Layered design files come with every template, should you need to make any tweaks. Flavours are .psd & .png


Branding your email marketing is simple, all templates have a nice big 'logo-space' where you can drop in your own identity or logo.

Simple pricing

All templates have a single price. You can pay directly using a credit card, or Theme Forest credit (for the Theme Forest exclusives).

All templates sets also include special Campaign Monitor versions with the content tags already in place.